1 Lovelock Drive
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1 Lovelock Drive

My Gay Best Friend Is Dating My… I Can’t Even Finish The Sentence.

A transcript about how I found out my ex is gay.

At this humble address in the middle of Melbourne’s suburbia is where I transcribe the events between me and my three…



1LD is the daily chronicle of Andie, the owner of the suburban oasis 1 Lovelock Drive. From her humble home, she shares her life as turns 35, moves on from an unexpected break-up, and distracts herself by opening a business. https://1lovelockdrive.substack.com/

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Ellen "Jelly" McRae

I’m here to use my wins and losses in life as your cautionary tale | Writes 1LD; Cautionary tale fiction | http://www.ellenjellymcrae.com/