3 Interesting Things I Realized Since My First Medium Article Published

Henry Nguyen
Feb 9 · 2 min read

This is the second post after 24 hours from my first publishing

Photo by Lauren Sauder on Unsplash
  1. I changed myself

I started writing on Medium yesterday. My first post is 1 min read. It’s short, but it made a significant change in my mind. 24 hours ago, I was nothing, but now I can call myself a writer. I changed myself when I started “TAKING ACTION”. Even I haven’t been a good writer, but I can be proud of my work.

When I wrote, I didn’t expect that my first try would reach the A+ level from the beginning. I didn’t wait until it would get A+ to be published. I knew that there were some mistakes. My writing could be C or even D level. But I know if I didn’t write and publish my work, nothing would happen. At least, D is still better than nothing. There is still room for improvement.

I may not get A+ on my first post, but how about the 1000th post? Who knows?

2) Waiting doesn’t help

I can’t become a writer without any readers. A few first hours, no one read my post. I felt a little bit upset. But I couldn’t wait for the miracle come, I needed to “TAKE ACTION”. I had to “DO IT, DO IT NOW”.

I shared my post with my friends and shared it on some Facebook groups. And it worked. I got a lot of suggestions and supports. I felt much more confident. I realized that DOING even small things is much better than WAITING.

What I got after 24 hours

3) I am living a happy and meaningful life

Now I understand why Medium is competitive. But it is only competitive when you are dependent on Medium to make money. It isn’t applied to me. I don’t expect to earn money from Medium. I am free to think and write. Freedom makes me happy. Money can help me enjoy the freedom of spending, but not freedom of thinking.

I have learned a lot of things on Medium, I want to give something back to Medium. And I wrote. I saw some claps, some highlights on my post. Now I know I am useful. I am living a MEANINGFUL life.

1 min read

Short life story

Henry Nguyen

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I love people.

1 min read

Short life story

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