Businesses are like relationship fences: We’ll break our routine to go on one date with a new brand because we find something attractive (1st fence) about them.

After a few dates, we might decide we’d like to hang out with the brand more often because we enjoy their personality (2nd fence) and being in their company.

But as we get to know the brand on a deeper level, we reach the most challenging hurdle of the relationship: values. Brands and couples struggle to make it over this 3rd fence.

Brand impressions don’t happen all at once. We assemble the first impression of brands without genuinely knowing…

The best way to get better at business is to learn one new technique or insight a day and then add it to your skillsets and repertoire. Kevin Ervin Kelley has been advising companies for 30 years and has an arsenal of ideas that can help you maximize your success potential.

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Kevin Ervin Kelley, AIA

I’m a retail architect that studies human behavior, perception, and decision-making. I’m fascinated with the intersection of where commerce and community meet.