I’m in the innovation business, which sounds sexy and exciting, but is more like pulling teeth out of a grumpy bear. But innovation entails three words most managers dread — change, experimentation and risk.

Deep in the roots of management thinking is this obsession with efficiency and the assembly line model. But this efficiency model works when you have demand in emerging markets, but not so well in mature markets where there is an oversupply of options or where it’s increasingly harder to impress customers.

Most organizations won’t change until they have to. However, companies will change when there’s a real threat or…

The best way to get better at business is to learn one new technique or insight a day and then add it to your skillsets and repertoire. Kevin Ervin Kelley has been advising companies for 30 years and has an arsenal of ideas that can help you maximize your success potential.

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Kevin Ervin Kelley, AIA

I’m a retail architect that studies human behavior, perception, and decision-making. I’m fascinated with the intersection of where commerce and community meet.