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Short is very underrated

Shajedul Karim
Dec 5, 2020 · 4 min read
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Sometimes short is all we need or can have.

A short image or small sentence (from someone we know, respect or care) can stop suicide.

It can stop some crime.

Sometimes we don’t need to know how to do something. We just need to know what to do and why to do it.

Because think about it: we don’t need to know how to commit suicide but what else we can do apart from suicide and why suicide isn’t an option can stop us from attempting it.

I heard: stories move people. “If we can unite an idea with an emotion,” says Robert McKee, an award-winning writer and director, “we become persuadable.” And, vulnerable stories ignite emotion. Emotions move us. It gets us to take action.

I thought: what if we could have both in just one single minute? What if it just took one minute to read a story, which is vulnerable so that it could move us to take action?

You don’t care what I think, right? That’s why I took one action: I got the website ready even before planning anything.

Now I’m ready to share the idea and execute it.

Here’s the Idea:

Every day, at 11 am PST (convert your time here), I’ll come from hell or through water, running barefooted or crying and post one single idea than you can turn into your own goal, therefore a checklist or use it to make sense of any definition a little better, in as little as 1 minute.

This will be vulnerable about me, and you can make it vulnerable for you. (I’ll talk about one website which can easily help you do that, below.)

Because, how we define something becomes our action. And the way we define always differs from person to person.

Confidence is kicking your special one without any fear of losing her.

You can turn that into:

Confidence is dancing with your mom in the hypermarket without any fear of money.

Link to turn that into your own.

Now you get it. Now you know what your goal is and how to do it by knowing what to do to get there.

For instance, now you know with the above example — to dance with mom in the hypermarket, your action could be: either earn more money or become the owner of a hypermarket. It becomes apparent in the subconscious.

Persistence is your neighbor’s WiFi network that is slow but it always keeps you connected with your special one.

You can turn that into:

Persistence is your dad’s office WiFi network that is lagging but it always keeps you connected with your girlfriend.

Link to turn it into your own.

Meaning, you can easily make sense of any definition by relating it with your own life and easily take action.

How Does the Website Work?

If you click on the links above, you can sign up as a guest, create your account and sign in or use Google to sign in.

You can edit the bolded parts and have your name and image in your edited work. You can even download and share it.

A screenshot of the example

Core Agenda Behind This

We all are smart and creative, we just need that one spark and prompt to get us going.

I never believed writing is subjective. But inspiration could be subjective.

Use your new, edited ideas as your checklist or share this to someone you think needs or on your profile.

There are no strings attached — no watermark, no money, no nothing. Ads? I know how frustrating those are.

Even the website isn’t of my name. I somehow got it done by one developer because I knew his secret. That dude loves pizza. I simply buttered my dad to get some money out of his pocket, then gifted a special, sweet purse for mom to get her making her delicious hand-made pizza. That was it — the developer was hypnotized.

Ohh, actually there’s one string attached: my core long-term agenda is to stop suicides and my daily, short-time agenda is to get your creativity flowing with the prompt and motivate and inspire you to persist to live an amazing life and never get depressed.

Imagine this: a small word from you can be relatable to someone and they set it as a wallpaper. This could stop suicide from happening in the future, somehow — may it be that they open their mobile the last moment, maybe someone calls or somehow their eye falls on their screen. It could have an impact.

It could also stop some crime. We never know.

1 minute is all it takes to read, think, write and share and impact someone.

Maybe it will take less than one minute. Otherwise, we are always “too busy.”

Please, Can We Rethink?

1 minute is always enough. Let’s rethink about that minute. We can do it together.

1 Minute Miracle

1 Minute Is All It Takes To Change Les

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