Change — It Happens

And it will be okay

That status quo wasn’t particularly easy. But I had settled in, gotten to a place where things could be mundane.

Sometimes people find mundane boring. I crave mundane. There’s less potential for pain.

Now mundane is being upended. My key support person is moving on — not from me, exactly, but from our shared work environment.

The change scares me.

Will it change my relationship with the one person I feel safe with?

Will the loss of my safe shield at work leave me exposed to the same backstabbing I’ve experienced there before? Then wrap that up with worries about how much longer my health will permit me to work at all.

It’s a lot of dominos cascading in response to someone else’s change.

Maybe, though, new doors will become apparent. Maybe I’ll even find keys to open those doors.

There are a lot of maybes, but change itself will always be a certainty. And that will be okay.

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Mental health blogger | MH Nurse | Living with depression | Author of 3 books, latest is Managing the Depression Puzzle |

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