Small Joys on the London Tube

Photo by Pau Casals on Unsplash

A boy, who appeared to be seven or so, sat with his older sister and mom on the London Tube. He fidgeted between the two of them like a little wild rabbit.

His sister crossed her legs and sat up straight, as if she were pretending to be much older and more mature than she really was. I’m sure I did the same thing when I was her age. His mom watched the other people on the Tube and checked how far they had to go.

In a jubilant moment for the boy, his mom squirted two peas worth of lotion on the hands of each of her children. His sister quickly rubbed hers in, but he did not.

He tilted his hand, then his whole body, and watched with delight as the dollop of lotion slid down along the lines of his hand. He leaned and dared to let it drip almost off his hand, then he sat back up to save the squirt of lotion from dripping to the floor of the train.

hi, i’m Frankie: your local pink-haired weirdo/author writing about mental health, love, and the stuff in between. ★ i wrote a thriller: IT NEVER HAPPENED

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