The body is an everrusting indie band

Arms as drumsticks, legs as bass, feet as percussions…the good ol arse as the occasional trumpet and the mind as a lead. They never work well all the time, especially live in races. Ever been to a concert where the sound quality sucked? Yup, except that in a race, I/we/you/me are the band members in individual bands…and let’s face it, sometimes we really suck at running races.

What I learnt today:

Peace of mind, body, soul, combined with a an internal rhythm will synchronise a run in the most wonderful way. Tap your feet to a good tune every now and then. It can go a long way in finding rhythm. Here’s what I listened to before my run today.

I woke up this morning
Didn’t recognize the man in the mirror
Then I laughed and I said, “Oh silly me, that’s just me
Rhythm is the best way forward