One thing that leads to more success on Medium is coming up with a daily writing schedule. Here are some tips!

Brian Rowe
Jul 12 · 5 min read

Creating a schedule is so important for any kind of writing you partake in.

I would never be able to write as much as I do without a clear schedule made at least a day in advance. I’ve written twenty novels in less than ten years, and that kind of output didn’t come because I just sat down at my writing desk when I felt like it. And I haven’t been able to write and publish three stories every day to Medium since March 1, 2019, just because I have way too much time on my hands.

I’m able to write as much as I do because I stick to a schedule. A schedule that fluctuates depending on the day, depending on whether I have the entire day at my disposal or just two or three hours. My schedule isn’t set in stone day after day, but I will always find the time I need to get my writing done.

There are twenty-four hours in the day, after all. At least six of those hours you should be sleeping. If you sleep six hours, that’s eighteen hours you get to work with to find time to write. The excuse that there’s just not enough time doesn’t hold water with me. Sure, you might lead a super busy life that leaves little time for writing, but yes, exactly, there should always be a little time.

You’ll be amazed at how much you can produce if you stick to a schedule not just a few days a week, but all seven days of the week!

To write more on Medium, you should have a schedule not just for today but also for the next day.

There’s nothing wrong with sitting down, writing a story, and then publishing it soon after. A lot of people write on Medium this way. Maybe most people, I’m not exactly sure.

But if you want to aim for at least one new story every day, you should figure out a schedule where you designate the best times of day to write, and then spend that time writing the same way you would spend that time working on something else, or exercising, or teaching, or whatever it may be.

Here’s my current Medium daily writing schedule, for all those interested…

I believe in not publishing a bunch of things close together, so I will then wait two to three hours before I publish my next story of the day. I really, really try to have all my new Medium stories published before noon pacific time.

And then in the afternoon I find a two-hour window of time where I write my next three Medium stories for the following day. The first Medium story I schedule to be published between 3am and 5am pacific time, so that when I wake up in the morning I already have a new story published to Medium.

And the other two stories I write that afternoon I simply save into my drafts so that I can continue revising them the following morning before I hit the PUBLISH button.

So, between writing new Medium stories and revising them and publishing them and promoting them, I spend, on average, about four hours a day on Medium. Two of those hours is the actual writing part, and the other two hours is revising, publishing, and promoting.

Some days I might go a little less than that if I’m busier, and some days I might go longer if I write a fourth story.

You might not have four hours to devote to Medium every day, and that’s okay!

Just keep in mind a few things. Remember that you don’t have to, and you shouldn’t necessarily, do all your Medium work for the day at the same time. I get burned out, for example, if I just go, go, go for four straight hours, writing and revising and publishing and promoting, I start getting a headache!

So I break up these four hours into units, often thirty minutes here, then another thirty minutes there. Very rarely do I spend more than 90 minutes straight on Medium without a break.

And what’s so cool about Medium is that even if you have just ten spare minutes, you can totally write or revise a new story. You don’t need hours. Just a few minutes can work wonders!

So create a schedule for yourself that works best for you. Maybe give it a try this coming Monday and Tuesday… and then see what happens. If it doesn’t work well, make adjustments. Keep trying new things.

Create a schedule that works for you, and there’s no telling how far you’ll be able to go on this site!

Brian Rowe is an author, teacher, book devotee, and film fanatic. He received his MFA in Creative Writing and MA in English from the University of Nevada, Reno, and his BA in Film Production from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. He writes young adult and middle grade suspense novels, and is represented by Kortney Price of the Corvisiero Agency. You can read more of his work at his website,


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Brian Rowe

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Author / Teacher / MFA in Fiction. I write MG & YA suspense novels!


By Medium Partner Program Friends — a publication about what unites us all.

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