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Jul 3 · 8 min read

Another World to Explore!

First of all, What is Lucid Dreaming?

Being lucid in a dream is having the ability to control your actions and decisions within the dream as well as be aware of your surroundings within the dream itself. This allows you to break away from real-life fears and experience something that you have thought that it is simply impossible for yourself to do or manage.

The problem is that not everyone will be able to Lucid Dream and even if you are able to it will take a lot of practice with different techniques I will be presenting in these articles. Some of them may work better for others, however, in my opinion, these techniques are quite powerful and can get you to lucid dream fast. I am aware that most of you are reading about Lucid dreaming as it is something that many people are not aware of or the other chose to no belief in such a thing however it is true.

My first lucid dream happened without me wanting to lucid dream or even trying any of the techniques. I just simply woken up in a dream that I had full control of my actions however, I wasn’t aware if it was a dream or real life because of how lucid I was. There is a technique that you can use to check if you are in a dream or in real life however it takes some time to get used to. Such techniques are called reality checks but, we will get into this along the way.

Lucid Dreaming for me is something that helps me cope with stress when insomnia kicks in and I am not able to sleep as I have too many thoughts going through my head at the time I want to or better-said need to sleep.

Are you able to Lucid Dream?

This depends very much on your ability to dream normally in the first place. You need to think if you ever had any lucid dreams however, the sure way to find out is by trying to lucid dream. Some people may find it easier than others however, it is all about the mindset you use and lots of perseverance. Having the right mindset and wanting to Lucid really did it for me the first time I tried to use those techniques that I am about to present to you. This will be a very intensive experience if it does work out for you and most importantly to remember that the experience can be different for everyone as dreams are very much based on our consciousness.

Step 1: Preparation for Lucid Dreaming

First of all, try to make sure that there is full darkness in the room, no led lights or any shine from the moon as those will be a distraction from the concentration required to Lucid dream.

Make sure you have nothing of huge importance the next day such as an interview or simply important events as Lucid dream can exhaust you mentally. It is worth mentioning that Lucid dreaming will require you to wake up at for a brief moment early morning. For this, I present to you the “Wake Back To Bed Technique”. This involves you setting an alarm and waking your mind and then going back to bed, the reason for this is because we want your brain to take a break as your brain is most active during the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep which happens a few hours before you wake up based on your sleeping schedule.

Some meditation for dreaming can be quite good if you find it difficult to dream in general or just fall asleep.

Try to spend the day thinking or reading about Lucid dreaming, as I have mentioned before you need to focus on what you are about to do. Therefore try to occupy your mind throughout the day with the thought of Lucid dreaming.

Step 2: Reality checks

You should get used to reality checks whilst in the dream to make sure that you are lucid dreaming. This test is to see if you are asleep or awake. You should perform reality checks during the day to get used to them in order to perform them in the dream. I use two different types of reality checks. The first one is holding your nose and try to breathe through your nose. If you are able to breathe through your nose even if you are holding your nose then you are dreaming as such a thing is impossible. If you are not able that means you are awake.

The other technique which is the most reliable although, it takes most practice is holding out your hand and with a finger from the other hand try to push the finger through the center of your palm. in reality this is again impossible to happen however if it does happen in the dream that means you are dreaming. You need to practice this throughout the day in order to get used to it an most important so that you remember to do this reality check once you have fallen asleep.

There are many different reality checks techniques such as the one where you check the time and you will see that 5 seconds fly whilst you dream. every time you check the time you see a very different time whereas, in real life, time goes quite slow.

Step 3: Avoid contact with any screens before bed

It is very important that you keep away from any screens for at least 1 hour before bed. The main reason for this being is that the hormones that make you fall asleep are slowed down by artificial light. I know that for some this may be difficult as you use artificial light from the screen to get your eyes tired to the point where you fall asleep.

Try to think about Lucid Dreaming, what I do and what also works for me is trying to tell my self “I will Lucid Dream tonight” over and over again. trying to get my mind in a sense that does allow me to lucid dream because I do want to perform this action.

Step 4: Set an alarm

You do not want an alarm that will wake you up scared as this may take your attention and mind from the sleep as well as the thoughts of lucid dreaming, you want something soothing and relaxing but, at the same time something that will wake you up for sure. An important thing to remember is to have your phone or whatever you have set your alarm on close to your bed so that there is no need for you to get up from the bed. The reason for this is to (again) not disturb the sleepy fell as well as concentration on Lucid Dreaming.

Once you have turned off the alarm make sure that you do not set the alarm on snooze as you do not want to wae up again. What pro lucid dreamers also do at this point is have a diary to write the time that they have woken up as well as other notes that they might find helpful in the future about their lucid dreaming experience.

Step 5: Performing the WBTB technique

Try to fall asleep with a clear mind and only the thought of Lucid Dreaming. Try to close your eyes, take your sleeping position and easily fall to sweet sleep.

You need to try to wake up with your eyes closed when the alarm goes off, this may be a bit of a tricky part as you need to shut the alarm without mush of using your sight but more of your sense. What you are trying to do essentially is waking up only your mind rather than anything else as a sort of refresh or restart that will allow you to enter the lucid dream.

As soon as you have turned off the alarm you want to go straight back to sleep, as you have woken up early and all of a sudden you have activated your brain, but you will be able to still go back to sleep as it is earlier than your regular wake up hour until you will get used to this schedule (this is if you want to become a frequent lucid dreamer).

This can be also seen as a reason why the reality checks are so important and you must get used to them as you may drift off and not know if you are lucid dreaming or just simply dreaming.

Once you have awakened in the lucid dream and made sure that this is a lucid dream by performing all the reality checks do not panic, every new experience can be scary but this maybe even more because your mind cannot realize the kind of power you have unleashed as you are able to do anything without having any consequences apart from the emotional ones once you have woken up. There is a side effect that this may have which is sleep paralysis. This is where your body is unable to move but your mind is awake and aware. This is not dangerous in any way however a scary experience. Once you do this a couple of times you will get used to it however, this very much depends on person to person and the different types of experiences. The reason for why this is happening is because your mind is awake and your body is asleep and your mind is going into an overdrive mode trying to get things back to the way they were.

As you are lying there with your mind awake and your eyes closed try to relax and let your mind drift into a hallucination. At first, you will start to see random people and images flash in front of your eyes however after a short period of time everything will make sense as your mind will link to your conciseness.

Now is the fun part, go explore the wonders around your consciousness, it is a sense of freedom like no other. Knowing that you are in a world of your own, that you are allowed to do whatever without consequences or without being judged. Try to first let the dream guide you rather than have immediate control of it. Do not get too excited, you will just wake up too quickly and may not be able to get back to the dream.

Overall just try to enjoy this new experience and be happy that you are able to Lucid dream!

If you are interested in Lucid Dreaming and want more articles on this please follow my profile as there is more to come (also based on my experience).

Andrei Tapalaga ✒️

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