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Why It’s Good To Take a Break From It

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Part 1: Why

Take a break from social media because Being on it tends to make you lose focus It’s like you’re in the Matrix and it’s hard to withdraw from it You follow things you normally wouldn’t because of it

Just liking and reposting the same things That usually aren’t progressive for you like memes, IG models, and fancy things Keeping your mind stimulated to seeing certain things Instead of looking for and liking new insightful content about quality things

Or you could… Feel isolated because you get no engagement or impressions Even from old friends from grade school that ignore your mentions Who won’t even give your post any attention

Or looking at others posts Where they’re living their best life While you think you haven’t grown Just wasting time and becoming down

And life is just passing you by through timelines Spending time at work or school waiting to use social media To see if you missed anything again Or are you already on it, before this sentence even began?

You become so addicted you use it while eating out with friends Or even to the point you’re driving and scrolling through timelines looking at current trends? Can you see how this is detrimental? Yeah you know you’re one of these elements

Don’t worry, I know I am as well Acknowledging any of these faults and being able to tell Are steps to noticing a problem Like I did about being in the matrix of social media

Part 2: How

Instead of spending hours and hours On your phone, tablet, PC, or desktop obsessively on it Take intervals off if you can, to not be possessed by that content Or cut it off for a day, a week, even more to relieve stress and be socially respondent

Get outside and out of your bed, talk to physical people instead Embrace trying to make connections outside of your profile Don’t get all your news on social media, watch news on local channels and smile Do things you feel are productive to your future and wellbeing

Make goals, even ones you’re uncomfortable with I sure did hate doing that as well… Workout, read books in great libraries, gain knowledge Use the resources in this country we don’t acknowledge

That’s what I did, and I felt better for it If you don’t feel good using social media so much Trust me. You will be better. Just try it! I’m not much different from you if I did it


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By Medium Partner Program Friends — a publication about what unites us all.