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In my search of trying to find more information about different publications on Medium I have stumbled upon this great website that makes life much easier to apply for different publications on Medium. I know that for some publications it can be more difficult as you either need to get in touch with the head editor or founder of the publication and it may be difficult to find their information. All that this website requires is an account that you can create via email and to synchronize this account with your Medium account. The account is great as it allows the user to apply to a publication with a simple click as long as there are no extra requirements needed by the publication itself.

Some publications require more checkups of background and experience, therefore, you are not able to apply to those through this website. However, most of the big publications are here and available for anyone to apply or contribute as the website calls the process of the application. The great thing about the website is that it makes it easier for users to search for desired publications based on the type of content they write as well as what type of audience they want to write for. Every publication available on the website will also represent a rate of acceptance success. Even if this rate is low it should not discourage you as many writers try to get into publications with articles or stories that are good but, not relevant to what the publication is about, this is one of the biggest and main reasons most writers are neglected by publications.

The website also provides accurate and up to date data about different publications. The exact number it has at the time given, the number or request that have been sent and the number of new followers per day on an average. It also represents the rank of the publication that is based on the number of followers a publication has.

In many different Medium communities, I see new writers that are struggling to apply to publications or to find publications that are based on the content they are providing, therefore, I wanted t share this great website which I hope many will see it and use it as a tool for an easier way to gain access to publications. Before you want to apply to a publication please make sure that you do some research on the publication itself to see if your style of writing will fit with the style that the respective publication is looking for as well as if there are certain requests that the publication has for writers or new writers.

One last tip is to have patience on getting a response back from publications, most if not all of the times editors are very busy going through submitted drafts and it may take even up to a month for some publications until you get a response if you have got accepted or not. Therefore try to not lose your patience and have high hopes of success.

I wish you all the best and hope you get accepted by whatever publication you apply to. No matter what the response may be, do not give up and keep writing!

If you want to apply here is a link that will get you started:

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