Take THAT Sunday!

I’ve finally beaten Sundays attempt to douse my creativity at the very end of the earnings week!

Credit: denkendewolke from Pixabay

Every Sunday I awake

with only one though in my mind

Write it, push it, must create

Today is it, you’re out of time

Of course I’m not, it just the end

Of yet another earnings week

But already I can feel

The closing door, the coming pique

This day I always wake with hope

Of breakthrough work which garners fame

And readers who will clap with glee

And comment, follow, share my name

“I will created today,” I vow

And push past cobwebs that prevent

My creativity to burst forth

Instead each night a void lament

For Sunday gives me one last chance

To up my earning for the week

So when sly Wednesday does reveal

I’ll celebrate a winning streak

One would think this would give flight

To countless thoughts of writing themes

And energy would never flag

Til midnight bows and stars agleam

But the same thing happens every week

I rise with hope but soon I’m lame

I know not why I cannot strive

On Sunday at the pace I dream

Or even self promote my work

And thereby gain at least support

For previous work though worthy not

Of glamour of the viral sort

But possibility is naught

When Sunday’s hope soon turns to dread

And inspiration’s on the wind

My passion doused, desire fled

As writing failures soon pile up

This day wreaks havoc with belief

A writer someday will I be

When only Monday brings relief

But now a poem have I writ

Although the day’s no longer new

Perhaps returns to me my muse

To stoke the fire — a Sunday coup!

I wrote this as a reflection of my Sunday process which has always been a struggle for me since joining Medium. Having a day each week when we know every minute counts for final weekly earnings makes me a bit crazy as I don’t understand my reaction to it. It would seem that I would be motivated, energetic, productive and excited as the day progresses and I push to see what I can come up, try for unique stories, really work towards engaging readers, maybe experiment with new forms.

But Sunday after Sunday the same thing happens. I wake up with that excitement but barely out of the gate the problems start. I find a way to procrastinate, with anything at all. I will clean toilets before sitting down to write on a Sunday!

I tell myself, “There’s plenty of time left,” and “All it takes is one good article to help earnings this week,” and “You’ll be able to read,comment, clap and share tons of other writers posts.”

Then I sit down to read, saying that will get my engines started. And it usually does. But on Sundays, it’s just another means of procrastination. Don’t get me wrong — I love the reading and I love engaging with the articles and other writers! It’s just letting myself get too carried away with it such that I leave my own writing until far to late for it to make a difference for the week which is my goal.

I don’t know why this happens. Sunday just seems to defeat me no matter what inspiration I feel or intentions I have first thing in the morning. So today I decided to beat Sunday at it’s own game! I decided to look it straight in the eye and call it’s bluff. The result is not a masterpiece, not even close. But I called Sunday out, told it off, and managed to publish a piece while it was still early enough to work on others. Take THAT Sunday!

I hope each of you similarly striving to build momentum for this last day of the earnings week find the success you seek in creating whatever it is your you are working on. May the Muses be with you!

Thanks to Greg Prince and his piece, “Scramble Like Me On The Last Day of Your MPP,” for the inspiration.

Natalie Frank (Taye Carrol) has had work featured in Haunted Waters Press, Weirdbook Magazine, Siren’s Call Publications, Lycan Valley Press and Zero Fiction among others. Her poetry has been featured in several anthologies. She is the Managing Editor for Novellas and Serials at LVP Publications.

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