Yes, You Can be Curated on Medium on the Weekend

You might think you’ll have a better chance at being curated on weekdays, but curators are still hard at work on weekends, too!

Brian Rowe
May 25 · 6 min read

You ideally want to publish your Medium stories at the best possible time.

You want to publish them during a time when most people will have the chance to read them. When the most people will have the opportunity to respond to and clap for them.

And you also want to publish your stories at a time when you have the best possible chance at curation.

I’ve talked a lot this week about the importance of curation…

Along with three ways to help you get curated…

And three ways to not ever get curated…

At the end of the day, what you should always be doing is writing great content on Medium and giving that content a professional presentation so that you have your best possible chance at being curated.

The last thing I want to talk about when it comes to curation?

It doesn’t really matter what day you publish your work!

Now there is something to be said about the time of day you publish your latest Medium story.

Ultimately if you publish something truly great, it will get noticed, it will get recognized. You can publish your work at 10am or 2pm or 6pm, or midnight, and if it’s great, it will find its audience no matter what. Even if it takes a few days or weeks.

However, I have talked a little bit this week about why it might be in your best interest to publish your pieces earlier in the day rather than later in the day. This is just from my own experience. It might be different with you.

And you should certainly always keep experimenting with publishing your work at different times of the day, which is so easy to do with the Schedule for Later feature on Medium, which I talked about recently…

For me, the earlier in the day I publish my stories, the better chance I often have at getting them curated.

In the past few weeks I’ve here and there posted a Medium story about writing later in the day, and for some reasons these pieces struggle to be curated. And when they do get curated, it’s often hours and hours later, like the following morning, rather than within two to four hours, which is usually the case when I publish in the morning.

I also believe in publishing you work earlier in the day because then that gives you the afternoon and evening to work on your Medium stories for the following day. I do this for at least two of my stories each day, which I talked about here…

In fact when I start writing my new novel on June 3rd, my plan is going to be to write ALL of my Medium stories in the afternoon and evening for the following day, so that I can have three or four pieces ready to go, and I can slowly publish them throughout the morning while I put most of my focus on my novel drafting.

But when I’m hard at work on my novel, am I going to only publish Monday through Friday? Am I not going to pay as much attention to publishing on Medium during the weekends?

Absolutely not. Why?

You have just as good a chance to be curated on the weekend on Medium as you do during the week.

I don’t know why some Medium writers think differently about this. I had one ask me recently if it was worth publishing anything of quality on the weekend since curation was less likely.

I didn’t really know how to respond to this because I’m happily curated seven days a week, not five. I get curated frequently on Saturdays and Sundays, not just Monday through Friday.

Sure, there are occasional stories that get passed on. Such is the case on a Sunday, or on a Wednesday, or on a Friday. Looking back over my last month on Medium, I was actually curated a lot on the weekend.

How many times in the past eight weekend days was I curated?

Sixteen times. And that doesn’t include the two times I’ve been already curated today.

I say this because I want every single Medium writer out there to know that it really doesn’t matter what day you publish your stuff. Don’t save your very best story for a specific weekday by any means.

If you write an awesome story on a Saturday morning, don’t think, oh, I’ll wait until Monday to publish this because I’ll have a better chance at curation and potentially more reads.

Don’t think that way. First, I actually think you might get more readers on the weekend, because more people have — what a shock — additional time to read than they do during the week. I find my daily views, reads, and claps go up on the weekend for the most part, and not down.

Second, what matters most is that you have something new to post to Medium. Once something is ready to go, publish it today, not tomorrow or next week. Put out there ASAP, preferably in the morning, and make sure it’s revised and polished before you hit PUBLISH.

Write a great piece for Saturday. Write a great piece for Sunday. Hell, publish your best Medium piece of the week on Sunday. I usually save Sunday for my longer personal essays that take me two hours to write or longer…

And all of them have done extremely well after their initial launch on the last day of the week. Those second two pieces were curated as well, late on a Sunday, bringing even more traffic to these highly personal stories.

Curation is something you should always be striving for on Medium no matter what.

On one hand, it’s kind of a mysterious process that doesn’t always go your way, no matter how great your content, no matter how professional your presentation.

On the other hand, there is so much you can do to make sure you’re likely to be curated.

So keep writing excellent stories and publishing them as often as possible. Some of your fantastic stories will be curated. Some of them won’t. That’s part of the journey on Medium.

But as long as you keep writing awesome stuff week after week, you will see your work getting curated more and more. Whether you’re publishing it on Monday. Or Thursday.

Or on the weekend.

Publish all days of the week, I’m telling you, and your success on Medium will continue to grow and grow, I guarantee it!

Brian Rowe is an author, teacher, book devotee, and film fanatic. He received his MFA in Creative Writing and MA in English from the University of Nevada, Reno, and his BA in Film Production from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. He writes young adult and middle grade suspense novels, and is represented by Kortney Price of the Corvisiero Agency. You can read more of his work at his website,

Brian Rowe

Written by

Author / Teacher / MFA in Fiction. I write MG & YA suspense novels!

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