What is 1 → n?

470,000 small businesses fail every year. 1 → n is for the small business entrepreneurs who stop at nothing to succeed.

Entrepreneurs fall into three categories: the solopreneur, the startup entrepreneur, and the small business entrepreneur.

1 → n is exclusively for the small business entrepreneur. Plenty of articles, advice, and how-to’s exist to serve the solopreneur and the startup entrepreneur, and that’s great. But there isn’t much out there for small business entrepreneurs — which is why we created 1 → n.

This publication is dedicated to providing insight, inspiration, and advice to small business entrepreneurs.

What does 1 → n mean?

Peter Thiel popularized the idea of 0 → 1, which means creating something that has never been created before.

1 → n is everything that happens after. It means taking an idea that works and executing it, improving upon it — making it better, faster and cheaper.

Most small businesses operate in the world of 1 → n. Ambitious entrepreneurs see something being done, and decide to do it in a new place or in a better way.

The idea of the restaurant is not new or novel, but each restaurant entrepreneur implements the idea in their own unique way.

1 → n entrepreneurs create 50% of jobs in the U.S. — all while bringing the world more variations of things it loves. They make communities brighter. They take control of their own lives, and improve the lives of their employees and customers.

So, what does it take to succeed as small business entrepreneur? A lot. And we’re here to help.

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