“The Chimp Paradox” By Dr. Steve Peters — “10 Bullets-100 Words” Book Summary

“10 bullets-100 words” is an attempt to sketch and summarize a book in a way that is akin to a wholesome meal, proper ingredients, enough quantity, and quality to satisfy the soul and the body.

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Book title — “The Chimp Paradox” by Dr. Steve Peters

  1. An easy analogy to control your mind and emotions!
  2. Your brain has two major parts, which often collide, so it’s essential to understand them.
  3. The Prefrontal cortex — the human or rational part.
  4. The Limbic system — inner chimp or emotional part.
  5. Don’t wrestle your chimp; it’s stronger than you are!
  6. Eat well, stay healthy, seek happiness, and celebrate victories to tame your chimp.
  7. The third part — Computer, performs automatic functions based on past learnings.
  8. During conversation, avoid “Chimp vs. Chimp” scenario!
  9. Understand the “human,” “chimp,” and “computer” to outplay each of them.
  10. A simple metaphor to bring confidence, success, and happiness.


The title of this book never let me assume the content inside. Once I started reading, I realized the profoundness of the metaphor. We have a “Chimp” in our brains, and it wants to act like an animal all the time. So how do you manage an animal? Manage your Chimp the same way. Our brains are made up of many distinct parts; each operates based on its internal logic and assumptions. Some are rational, thoughtful, and objective and they are “Human,” while others are highly emotional and impulsive, and they are “The Chimp” or simply automatic, and they are our “Computer.”

These different parts and their differences can easily cause internal conflict, but you can manage these through training and be aware of these three distinct parts and their functioning.

A very “simple to read” book but with profound learning. There is a lot of science there, and the “basicness” of this book makes it very easy to understand all those complex scientific logic.

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100 words are as easy as it’s challenging to summarize an excellent book. There is so much which remains unsaid. Still, I realize, confining myself to 100 words will bring out more creativity and effort.

The perspective of this format is to allow the book to pull the reader towards itself. When you pick the book and read it in its entirety, that’s when you honor the author’s efforts and get an opportunity to learn a lot of new things.

I hope this structure entices you to pick up this book, learn a new thing or two, and expand your outlook.

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