“LINCHPIN — Are You Indispensable?” By Seth Godin — “10 Bullets-100 Words” Book Review

“10 bullets-100 words” is an experiment to summarize my learning from a book which then entices my readers towards this book. The format is akin to a wholesome meal i.e. right ingredients, sound quality, and just the right quantity.

Book title — “LINCHPIN— Are You Indispensable?” by Seth Godin

  1. Workforce = Management + labor + LINCHPINs
  2. “Linchpins” are people who pour energy and emotions into their work
  3. Linchpins are always indispensable
  4. Non-linchpins get brainwashed into believing that their job is to follow instructions
  5. Linchpins don’t follow a map, they create opportunities and generate value without a user manual
  6. Your Lizard brain (emotional brain) is stopping you from becoming a Linchpin. Consciously overcome your fears and control the lizard brain
  7. Linchpins ship, they deliver, they don’t wait
  8. Linchpins give unreciprocated and genuine gifts
  9. Linchpins either develop unique talents or better their existing ones
  10. Linchpin — it’s cool to become one!

My takeaways

I was inspired by Seth Godin after listening to “The Dip” on Audible. I picked this book after that. Linchpin has offered some practical insights into what needs to be done to become successful in your jobs and life in general. The time to follow instructions is over, we need to create our art to become a linchpin.

Create unique talents, learn new skills, develop new habits, become indispensable and then success will have no choice but to touch you.

100 words are as easy as it’s challenging to summarise a good book. There is so much which remains unsaid. Still, I realize, confining myself to 100 words will bring out more creativity and effort.

And this is exactly what came about. I hope this structure entices you to pick up this book, learn a new thing or two and expand your outlook.

Thanks for reading.

Nishith is a Marathoner, an avid reader, aspiring author, YouTuber, Podcaster, and a personal transformation coach. Get his debut book — http://bit.ly/BeBetterBitByBit_Book

He is the creator of the self-transformation platform — “Be Better Bit-By-Bit,” through which he endeavors to bring small positive changes in people’s lives — each day.

Listen to his Be Better Bit-By-Bit and 10 Bullets — 100 Words Book Summary podcasts.



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Nishith Goyal

Nishith Goyal

Author — Be Better Bit-By-Bit, Long-distance runner, Diarist, Self Transformation Coach. Podcast-"Be Better Bit-By-Bit" & “10 Bullets- 100 Words” Book Summary