What lights me up?

10 Day Blog Challenge: Day 2

The challenge for day 2 is to deeply reflect on my personal WHY.

To suit up, and be prepared for some internal mining as far as what drives me, what makes me smile, brings me to life and energizes me.

All these answers will be indicators to my deepest driver, my personal WHY.

Natalie, the woman running the challenge, in the brief for today, refers to one of my all-time favourite TED talks, by Simon Sinek. It’s called ‘How great leaders inspire action”.

OMG! If you have not seen, or if you have not viewed it in a while, it’s definitely worth carving out 18 minutes to watch. It’s all about the power of starting from WHY.

Getting started

At first, when I ask myself, ‘What light’s up Loren?’ there are so many things, in multiple directions, that it seems I’m rather all over the place!

Why there’s….

  • Orgasmic culinary feasts, in gorgeous environments, coupled with attentive service,
  • Movie or theatre productions crafted with artistry, passion, purpose and love,
  • Discoveries of an innovative approach to education, communication or conflict resolution,
  • Profitable sustainable enterprises setting examples of business for good,
  • Inspiring stories of interconnectedness, living deeply, presently and connecting meaningfully.
After giving voice to ALL the things I get madly crazily excited about, and then take a step back, I can see some trends for sure.

It’s what they ALL SHARE that excites me most!

It’s all wrapped up in the willingness to:

  • Bravely step into and celebrate authenticity,
  • Unashamedly explore, express, create, experiment and learn,
  • Embrace collaboration, to think in context of a being part of a greater whole, where we are able to achieve more together,
  • See one another as whole, competent, contributing team members,
  • Believe in one another, in our abilities, discernment and common sense,

It’s being in spaces that embody these elements that ENERGIZES and LIGHTS ME UP beyond any reasonable measure!

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Ps. This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 2

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