🗞️ Food for Agile Thought #100 🎉

Hello from Berlin!

Food for Thought’s issue #100 focusses on how to figure out what to build. We learn how to apply continuous product discovery, how to achieve product-market fit, how to use empathy mapping, and why a hypotheses backlog helps to avoid cluttering the product backlog.

We also discover Scrum misconceptions by analyzing job ads for scrum masters, and what cross-functional means with regard qualifications of individual team members. Moreover, we understand ways to improve your Kanban — by Mr. Scrum Jeff Sutherland himself — , and how the principles of the agile manifesto can be matched to change management.

Finally, there is an entertaining interview with Atlassian’s head of R&D on messiness, anarchy, structure, and what all of this has to do with creativity.

Have a great week!


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