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Letter sent on Apr 30, 2016

#39: Think simply, feedback is crap, storyboards, smart & unhappy, too?


Food for Thought of Mai 1st, 2016 covers tips & tricks for writing awesome user story, why effective people think simply, dives into the old discussion — estimations in story points or hours — , and how to manage developers if you have no clue about coding.

We also explore why 90% of feedback is usually crap, and how to find product market fit or decide when to pivot. We dive deep into Google design sprints and product storyboards.

Last, but least, we cover data-driven product design at the BBC, why so many smart people are unhappy, and we share a list with 25 geniuses that will or might change our world. (Or probably, they will just fail like you and me, too.)

Have a great weekend!


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