Food for Agile Thought #317: Underperforming Dev Team, PO vs. PM Madness

TL; DR: Underperforming Dev Team, PO vs. PM Madness — Food for Agile Thought #317

🏆 The Tip of the Week

Roman Pichler: Dealing with an Underperforming Development Team

➿ Agile & Scrum

🎙 Richard Kasperowski and Woody Zuill: The Best Leader Is the One Who Leads Without Authority

Chris Matts: Failure Cultures Reward failure

Joost Minnaar (via Corporate Rebels): Flat Organizations: Companies Do NOT Need Middle Managers

📅 November 30, 2021: Hands-on Agile #37: Agile Metrics Survey 2021 — Alexander Bergmann & Stefan Wolpers

🎯 Product

(via UX Collective Editors): The PO vs. PM Madness

Marty Cagan: Process People

Teresa Torres: 2022 Product Conference List

📯 Maximizing Utilization, Ignoring Slack Time — Making Your Scrum Work #22

🛠 Tools & Measuring

Maria Rosala (via Nielsen Norman Group): How Many Participants for a UX Interview?

(via Medium): Splitting Stories — Three Easy Ways

📅 Training Classes, Meetups & Events 2021

✋ Do Not Miss Out: Join the 10,000-plus Strong ‘Hands-on Agile’ Slack Community

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Stefan Wolpers

I have worked for 17-plus years as a Scrum Master, Product Owner, and agile coach. Professional Scrum Trainer (PST) with