Food for Agile Thought #322: Tech Trends 2022, Product Success Factors, Faster and More Predictable Delivery, Cynefin Primer

TL; DR: Tech Trends 2022, Product Success Factors — Food for Agile Thought #322

🏆 The Tip of the Week

Ian Miell: Why I Keep Coming Back to Cynefin

➿ Agile & Scrum

Tim Ottinger (via Industrial Logic): Faster and More Predictable

Andrea Darabos (via Management 3.0): Managing “Up”: How to Manage Your Manager

Pim de Morree (via Corporate Rebels): When Agile, Self-Management, and Holacracy Fail

📅 🖥 💯 🇬🇧 Hands-on Agile #38: AMA w/ Roman Pichler: The Product Owner — February 8, 2022

🎯 Product

Benedict Evans: Three Steps into the Future

Roman Pichler: Four Product Success Factors

Marc Randolph: Want to be a Disruptor?

📯 How to Sabotage A Scrum Master — 44 Anti-Patterns from the Trenches

🛠 Tools & Measuring

Venkatesh Rao: Thinking in OODA Loops

(via Superhuman): The 5 Whys: Get to the Root of Your Productivity Problems

📅 Training Classes, Meetups & Events 2021/22

✋ Do Not Miss Out: Join the 10,000-plus Strong ‘Hands-on Agile’ Slack Community

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Best posts from last week on agile and lean methodologies, Scrum and product management. Manually curated, no robots involved.

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