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Food for Agile Thought #269

Hello from Berlin!

Welcome to the 269th edition of the Food for Agile Thought newsletter, shared with 28,267 peers.

This week, we delve into estimating Cost of Delay; we identify nine signs that your CEO understands Scrum, and we learn that mental models impact the efficiency and accuracy in decision-making.

We then enjoy the essence of product leadership from a new Marty Cagan book; we get into measuring real progress as a product team, and we embrace the canary product launch approach to test the waters with a restricted set of clients.

Lastly, we applaud Ken & Jeff for releasing the new Scrum Guide 2020.

Learn more: Food for Agile Thought #269: Estimating Cost of Delay, Re-Teaming, Measuring Real Progress, Is Your C-Level Getting Scrum?




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