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Letter sent on Jun 5, 2016

Food for Thought #44 is available…

Hello from sunny Berlin!

Age of Product’s Food for Thought of June 5th, 2016 provides Mary Meeker’s epic 2016 Internet Trends report, lists traits of Scrum moms, shows eight ways how to measure your success as an agile coach, stresses the importance of impact over velocity, and asks: Is “Agile” jumping the shark with SAFe?

We also explore the Agility Readiness Canvas, how we got stuck with the waterfall methodology in the first place, and how to stay focused by grounding product decisions with simple convictions. Wait, the best is yet to come: Facebook’s VP of Product Design shares her long list of lessons learned.

Last, but least, we understand that disruption is not a strategy, and how to avoid the eight classic rookie product management mistakes. We learn, when to stand firm and when to pivot, and we relax with an epic interview: Tim Ferriss is joined by Marc Andreessen of a16z.

Have a great Sunday!


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