Food For Thought #45 is available…

Hello from Berlin!

Food for Thought of June 12th, 2016 is available and provides insight in how large scale agile adoptions can go wrong — SAFe failure, so to speak — , how to take “dysfunction” out of cross-functional teams, and how to put mindset into the Agile Manifesto. Ever wondered, why Spotify is not descending into chaos? Read on.

We also explore five proven anti pattern that will ruin velocity as concept once and for all — a must-read for agile bean counters — , and we deal with the dreaded estimation idea. But wait, the news is not all negative. We learn, how information architecture can make sense of any product, and that customers putting trust in products is no miracle, but can actually be built into them.

Last, but not least, we look into the future: Do bots have to be kind all the time? And what, given that technological progress is inevitable, about the future of humans? Where will we be in 20 years from now? Kevin Kelly knows more about our destiny and shares it in an interview with Chris Dixon of a16z.

Finally, we end the 45th edition with a great interview, starring Walt Mossberg and Jeff Bezos.

Here we go:

Have a great Sunday!

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