Food For Thought #87

Lipstick Agile, Distributed Agile, Remote Agile, 400 Slack Communities

Hello from Berlin!

Age of Product’s Food for Thought of April 16th, 2017 enjoys in this issue lipstick agile, tragile, and wagile. Also, we learn why US-made tomato paste represents a success story for self-management aficionados, who — by the way — may soon be joined by venture capitalists like Fred Wilson.

We then dive deep into hands-on tips on how to improve distributed agile in general, and the remote product backlog refinement in particular.

On the product side, it is again all about product discovery, outcome vs. output, real-time, continuous user research, and how Jeff Bezos intends to keep Amazon relevant — by inventing on behalf of customers.

Lastly: If you haven’t yet contributed to the ‘Scrum Master Salary Report 2017’ hurry up and join 435 peers who already did so. And one more thing: We have a list of 400 Slack Communities. Just in case, you may free time at hands.

Have a great week!


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