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Letter sent on May 27, 2017

Food For Thought #93

Hello from Berlin!

Age of Product’s Food for Thought of May 28th, 2017 revisits W. Edwards Deming 14 points of good (agile) management after 35 years. We also learn 40 tactics to empower resilient agile teams, we understand the importance of outcome drivenness for scaling agile successfully, and we analyze patterns of resistance of the corporate innovation process.

On the product side, it is all about identifying the right feedback by focusing on the signal and ignore the noise. We are getting skeptical about the innovation potential of personas, and we demystify Reddit as we learn how to use it for customer research.

Lastly: When was the last time that you thought a new technology is no more than a toy? Drones? You are not alone. Let Benedict Evans elaborate on the many ways and the increasing pace in which people dismiss technology.

Have a great week!