The Lack of Agile Leadership Qualities — Making Your Scrum Work #15

TL; DR: The Lack of Agile Leadership Qualities — When Change Agents Don’t Act as Role Models

Agile Leadership According to the Scrum Guide

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Will “Agile” Turn out to Be Fad Shortly and Disappear again?

  • Communicating the goals time and again by authoring a blog, a newsletter, creating a podcast,
  • Practicing Gemba walks,
  • Attending events, meetups, and communities of practice makes everyone understand that Agile is here to stay. (The Sprint Review is an excellent opportunity, for example.)
  • Pointing at successes & failures, establishing a failure culture,
  • Empower the teams to solve customer problems autonomously by defining guide-line,
  • Include team members in the hiring process,
  • Initiate the abandonment of individual incentives and bonuses.

Lack of Agile Leadership Qualities — Conclusion

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