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The Designer who works on 35 screens a day

Measuring designers success — Thinkerclan podcast by Prabhagaran & Gokul Rangarajan

Lets face the reality a larger number of designers across globe are here to support Product & development cycles. Our question in general are there any particular common parameter for measuring design or designers success???Listen it here

how is designs success being measured

How many hours you work ?

Clocking * — 9 hours a day have already turned old school and productivity and time spent doesn't have to be proportional

Process of Coming up with design matters and not number of hours you work

You cant clock for 8 or 9 hours and say your design is done for the day

Quality of work ?

No Design is final design

The way designers and developers work is completely different and its not something which can be compared with a end quality. Developers quality depends on the code he writes which is to an extent evaluated internally

Number of Screens or iterations

Designers need to be in touch with all the teams Marketing , Sales, Product teams and Developers to deliver a seamless experience and not just iterations

Don’t measure your success in terms of screens or on time deliverables, Measure in terms of User or Customer Satisfaction rates

Number of feature your work ?

Hear are few parameter on which designers success should be measured

  • % of Increase in Customer engagement
  • % of Increase in Customer retention
  • Increase in Brand Awareness (through surveys )
  • Faster Product Cycles- Time
  • % increase in conversions through a page
  • % of increase in Customer engagement & retention
  • Decrease in Churn rates
  • Decrease in Exit visits and bounce visits
  • % of users upscaling in the product
  • % Conversion success in checkout or specific sales goal driving pages
  • Finally increase in Customer Satisfaction ( can be identified only though user interviews)

These are few we listed , If have we missed out some thing do comment and add the list to the article.

Finally what the billion dollar point is have a greater vision that getting struck in a tool

Thanks a lot for listening & reading, have a happy day designing stay tuned to our Thinkersclan Podcast & blog



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