10 Unity MVPs in 30 Days…

When starting to learn a new skill many of us turn to YouTube for beginners knowledge, then if invested, may decide to buy a book on the subject, select a school to go to, and ultimately turn to certifications. I actually have no idea what the average person does when they want to learn a new skill however, this is exactly what I did.

Hi, my name is Adrian and at the age of 30 I decided that I was sick of my career in fitness and that I am going to chase my dream of becoming a creator in the world of video games more specifically video game programming.

As previously stated the first thing I turned to when learning programming was YouTube which in my case may have been a mistake. Starting out I was confused, to say the least, continuing on I was lost and finished with little to no knowledge gained as it seemed to me that everyone would start out “With your prior experience in coding *insert confusing code*,” which already excluded me as I have zero prior experience. So I moved to schooling, I found an affordable CC in the area which brought me into the problem of standard schooling, being forced to pay for classes that do not help you achieve your goal. Covid hit and the schools hastily, to no fault of their own, sloppily moved to online classes which gave me an easy excuse for a refund. Lastly on this run on paragraph we turn to certifications. I now hold two certifications for video game programming by cramming in studying for the last four months, I opened up Unity ready to make a project and here’s an example how that went; Google: “Character Controller” — Google: “How to move your character in Unity C#” — Google: “Why after 4 months of 7–8 hour study days 5–6 days a week do I not know how to start a damn project in Unity!?”.

Which brings us to the title of the Medium post, I am a person who learns by doing, I can read and watch tutorials for hours upon days upon months upon years to no avail. I want to become a video game programmer and I am going to become one by doing. I’ve challenged myself to code 10 MVP’s (minimal viable programs) in 30 days all while posting my journey here. Here I will post my thought process in a step by step fashion. I will try and link all the resources I use along the way however, there will be a lot of google work. Lastly I’ll be publishing the games on itch.io for anyone to enjoy, given they make it to a completed state.

List of 10 MVPs in 30 Days:

1. Endless Runner

2. Ping Pong

3. Target Shooter

4. Puzzle Solver

5. Frogger Clone

6. Racing

7. Sumo

8. 3v3 Sport Game

9. Tower Defense

10. Dungeon Crawler


  • I am in no way making a tutorial on how to make games with Unity.
  • I am not taking writing classes to get better at writing blog post and I apologize in advance. I have no social media and have never written blogs.
  • I will need help, anyone willing to lend me a hand when I’m stuck struggling would be muchly appreciated.

Thank you for the read —




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