100 Days 100 Ways
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100 Days 100 Ways

Day 15–100 Days 100 Ways of Self-Compassion

Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Lawnmower mowing grass.
Photo by Daniel Watson on Unsplash

As a person with chronic pain, I am grateful for my yard guys. It took me forever to find someone, and they have been lifesavers for me.

I used to do all my yard work myself. I still remember getting up all the leaves by myself. I would have 100 of those large bags by the curb for pickup. I must have been out…




Stories of people making positive change in their lives, a day at a time. No rose-tinted retrospectives forgetting the tricky bits. Inspiration and effort as it really happened.

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Lisa Beth Wright

Graphic Artist, Photographer, Musician. Writer in inspiration, creativity, mental health, life lessons, and pop culture. ko-fi.com/lisabethwright

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