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100 Days 100 Ways

Day 27–100 Days 100 Ways To A Body Positive Mindset

I have a problem with data

Photo by Carlos Muza on Unsplash

This will be short since once the weekend is over and I’m not submitting assignments I can write a more informed article.

I haven’t been feeling amazing about my body the past few days, but I’m trying my best. I’m guessing increased stress has a role to play: this morning I decided to try a trick from one…




Stories of people making positive change in their lives, a day at a time. No rose-tinted retrospectives forgetting the tricky bits. Inspiration and effort as it really happened.

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Michelle Middleton

Michelle Middleton

Health management trainee studying economics & management. I write mostly about business analysis, dentistry, wellness, and economics. Pug & Frenchie mum. 🐶

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