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100 Days 100 Ways

Day 67–100 Days 100 Ways Being Visible

Untangling cables that bind me to the past

Photo by aldarinho

I had one moment of noticing progress today. I organised a working bee with some of my neighbours at Cascade Cohousing to do maintenance on our intranet. We have thirteen of fifteen homes sharing one fast broadband connection. The cabling out the back of my house is a rats’ nest. Some are properly installed in conduit and too…




Stories of people making positive change in their lives, a day at a time. No rose-tinted retrospectives forgetting the tricky bits. Inspiration and effort as it really happened.

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Ian Higginbottom

Ian Higginbottom

I help executives and entrepreneurs get results on-time and to-standard, with care for their people. I help leaders do the important things they tend to avoid.

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