Tomáš Bouda
Jun 13, 2017 · 2 min read

Topological sort of a directed acyclic graph [DAG] is partial ordering of its nodes such that U < V implies there must not exist a path from V to U.

Kahn’s algorithm I implemented, instead produces a linear ordering such that […, U, …, V, …] means there may be a path from U to V, but not vice versa.

topological sort: all edges are directed from left to right

Partial ordering is very useful in many situations. One of them arises in parallel computing where a program can be represented as DAG.

E = (A + B) * (C - D)

Each node represents an operation and directed links in between are their dependencies.

topological sort of DAG representing the expression

There are 8 operations [including fetch and store] in this expression, but modern super-scalar CPUs are able to execute some operations in parallel to reduce the execution time up to 4 steps.


def topological_sort(graph):
topology = []
degree = {n: graph.in_degree(n) for n in graph.nodes()}
# nodes without incoming edges
queue = deque(n for n, d in degree.items() if not d)

while queue:
n = queue.popleft()
# remove node's edges
for m in list(graph[n]):
degree[m] -= 1
# enqueue nodes with no incoming edges
if not degree[m]:
if len(topology) < len(graph):
raise ValueError('graph contains cycle')
return topology


graph = nx.DiGraph([
('A', 'B'),
('A', 'D'),
('B', 'C'),
('B', 'E'),
('C', 'D'),
('C', 'E'),
('D', 'E'),
('F', 'G'),
topological_sort(graph)>>>['A', 'F', 'B', 'G', 'C', 'D', 'E']

100 days of algorithms

100 days, 100 algorithms - a challenge consisting of many small pieces

Tomáš Bouda

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100 days of algorithms

100 days, 100 algorithms - a challenge consisting of many small pieces

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