100 Days of Code, Day 7:

19 June 2017

Today’s Progress:

Finished up the Bootstrap portion of The Web Developer Bootcamp. So much that wasn’t obvious to me was cleared up in this section, for instance: btn btn-default are basically just a class names in a big ass CSS file.

I should have figured that it wasn’t arbitrary, seeing that it is a library and all…

The nice part is being able to override them.

I have also enjoyed learning about Specificity in CSS. I am using the DevTools more now than ever.

I am on the JavaScript Basics section I have skipped some of the beginning, not going to lie. Just going over primitives, ES5 stuff, which is disappointing, and now we are on JS methods, the built in ones, such as console.log, alert, and prompt, all of which I know quite well. Been doing this long enough.

The most interesting part to me so far was the difference between undefined and null.


Easy going and looking for it to get harder.

Link to work:

No work today as I haven’t uploaded the solutions for the Bootstrap code-a-longs.