100 Days of Code, Day 9:

21 June 2017

Today’s Progress:

Wrote a few for loops today and executed them all quite well. Instead of using var though I used let so I could bind the counter to each iteration of the for loop.

Now, after this, we went into functions, which I really want to nail down.

Of course we learned about functions and function declarations but we also went over arguments and calling functions, which I am pretty good with.

The best part of what I learned today though was the difference between console.log and return.

console.log only writes to the console. It doesn’t return anything back to the function so therefore we can’t use the function call in another statement.

For instance:

This will write Hello there, Tiffany! to the console. However when I try to call it again in a different statement, it writes to the console but returns undefined as each function in the console will return undefined if you don’t specify a return statement.

Another instance:

This actually returns the value back to the function so that we actually get an output. So when I call it in another statement in the console, it will actually return a value instead of throwing undefined.

Note about the console

You can tell a function will return a value by looking for the arrow in the output:

If it doesn’t have that small line coming out of the arrowhead, that means it is not returning a value. Colt is a pretty damn good instructor.


It is starting to get harder now. I am digging it more now, if you can believe that.

Link to work:

For loop gists: