1/100 Design Principle Workshop

As a designer, we always have different opinions for our products, should this button put here? is this feature important?

I always know design principle is a way to solve part of the issues, but I never used it in my job, because, we don’t have any.

As the current project is going now, I feel it’s a right time to have a discussion about it with a large stake holder groups.

I hold a design principle workshop today. We had people from design, PM, engineering and marketing.

Started with the definition, why we are gonna do it, and some examples. In the presentation phase, I explained one from Facebook, and I do think it’s so powerful to help them to guide their design decisions. (Not sure if it does in real work)


Our mission is to make the entire world more open, and this means reaching every corner, every person. So our design needs to work for everyone, every culture, every language, every device, every stage of life. This is why we build products that work for 90% of users and cut away features that only work for just a minority, even if we step back in the short term.

Then we had 3 rounds of discussion,

1st. Write down at least 5 qualities that could help our products distinguish from competitors.

2nd. Answer the following questions

If our product were a person, what’s the personality ______. And why?

If our product were an organization, what’s the culture ______. And why?

If our product were a neighborhood, what’s the atmosphere ______. And why?

3rd.Pick 3–5 what we came up before no matter if it came from you that describe what you want our products to feel like to our customers and elaborate on them.

I was surprised when I see what we came up with.

Clearly we have different ideas, but the underlying goal are on the same directions, I see many repetitions too.

I am working on the final analyzing work now. It’s really a fun experience.