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Age of Wonderland
Jun 6, 2017 · 3 min read

The programme of Age of Wonderland is jointly developed, implemented and funded by Hivos, Baltan Laboratories and Dutch Design Foundation. These organisations joined forces to respond on the wicked problems and the outdated systems in society by addressing the creative global community to take this challenging head-on.

Age of Wonderland’s 100 Days of Learning is generously supported by World Design Event, Dutch Design Week Eindhoven, The Art of Impact, Design Academy Eindhoven, Creative Tracks and the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.


Hivos is an international organisation that seeks new solutions to persistent global issues. With smart projects in the right places, we oppose discrimination, inequality, abuse of power and the unsustainable use of our planet’s resources. Our primary focus is achieving structural change. This is why we cooperate with innovative businesses, citizens and their organisations. We share a dream with them of sustainable economies and inclusive societies.

Baltan Laboratories

Baltan Laboratories is a collaborative platform for future thinking that places art and design research at the core of its activities. Baltan Laboratories is both a network and a methodology: It sees the lab as a way of working and as a place where ideas are put into practice through projects in which freedom of thought, openness towards the unknown, experiment and playfulness are key. Baltan Laboratories stimulates a cross-disciplinary approach conducted in an open-minded atmosphere based on trust, empathy and mutual inspiration.

Dutch Design Foundation

Dutch Design Week — organised by the Dutch Design Foundation — is an annual event about international design, also staging processes of innovative design and co-design practices, hosted in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. The events are organised and hosted by the designers themselves. It takes place every October and is an event with exhibitions, workshops and seminars at many venues, attracting more than 250,000 international visitors. Together we work towards the World Design Expo in September 2017.

Design Academy Eindhoven

Design Academy Eindhoven (DAE) specialises in design. It offers a four-year Bachelor’s course and a two-year Master’s course. It has an impressive, international team of tutors at its disposal, its graduating students are known to belong to the world’s top designers. The very DNA of the Design Academy could be described as conceptual, authentic, creative, flexible, free, passionate and curious. At DAE, design is in the service of man and society, and social developments are the most important mainsprings for innovative design.

World Design Event

World Design Event (WDE) is an international design festival, held every four years in Eindhoven during Dutch Design Week (20–29 October 2017), which provides a platform for future makers, designers and thinkers to share ideas about the future of the city with the people of the city. The WDE programme comprises an international design conference, eight creative and thematic embassies, a temporary People’s Pavilion built with residents, and test sites around the city.

The Art Of Impact

The Art of Impact is a temporary incentive and research programme, focusing on new and existing arts and artists’ projects with clear impact on a social issue or problem. The Art of Impact provides financial and intangible support to existing and new projects, sometimes in collaboration with a social partner, pursuing sustainable impact within and outside the cultural domain. Furthermore, The Art of Impact does research on the method of creators and producers, the success and risk factors of cooperation and the qualitative outcomes of the projects supported. Finally, The Art of Impact contributes to the visibility of the projects selected through an interactive website, the organization of meetings with creators and community producers and different presentation moments of supported projects.

Creative Tracks

Creative Tracks is a European project designed to connect existing networks of young entrepreneurs active in the cultural and creative sectors across the world. Aware of the importance of increased cultural diversity and wider sharing of values, this partnership aims at setting up and supporting a young creative entrepreneurs’ digital platform that will offer a wide array of services and events, unlocking a new generation of creative entrepreneurs and accelerating their professional development.


A journey from knowledge to wisdom — turning lessons into action

Age of Wonderland

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A journey from knowledge to wisdom — turning lessons into action

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