I never remember that it’s Christmas

A lot of friends are frustrated and/or annoyed with all the Christmas stuff that’s going on. They hear the music in stores, get the “Merry Christmas” comments and grumble about it online. I get it, it’s difficult to feel like people are making an assumption about me. The difference is, I stopped caring.

Most people don’t know I’m not Christian. They don’t know my beliefs (I’m a Baha’i). The assumption is a little annoying but people make assumptions about all kinds of stuff with me. To this day people say they thought I was a pothead when they first met me; I’ve never smoked or had any interest. People thought I was a drinker and the life of the party; I’ve never drank or had any interest and am pretty boring at parties. A lot of people assume that I’m white and make disparaging comments about people of other races and ethnicities; I’m Persian-American and a staunch advocate for the rights of any minority group. People tend to project onto me. I’ve been told I make people feel comfortable enough to open up (sometimes to their detriment) and I’m used to that.

I used to get annoyed by the comments, but the thing is getting angry doesn’t help eliminate the ignorance. It’s best to brush it off because people’s intentions, while confused, are largely genuine.