What I want next, Star Wars-wise

[Spoilers about The Force Awakens]

Given that we have no clue what is coming next — though I did read that JJ Abrams, who gave up control of directing the next two installments in the new trilogy to Rian Johnson, read the script for Episode VIII and wishes he could direct it — I’m just going to spitball ideas. Because why not?

You know what I want to see? I want to see the adventures of Chewie pulling a mourning Han out of his downward spiral. That’s interesting.

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His life, after his own son killed Jedi trainees and formed the Knights of Ren, must have fallen apart. He had no control. He went back to doing the “one thing he did well”, but I doubt he did it with a clear head. I doubt he went out there without having some depressive moments, staring at possible oblivion and wondering if it were punishment for what happened to his son. That’s powerful. That’s real. That’s a broken Han — a Han we have never seen. We’re all familiar at this point with the hotshot pilot, the smuggler with the wry smile but we’ve never seen Han, who would be fundamentally broken, try to be that person again. Maybe we saw some of that in The Force Awakens. That moment on the freighter, trying to explain himself to two rival factions, read like a guy still trying to get his groove back but not doing too well.

Of course, this isn’t the kind of thing you’d see in a official Star Wars movie, or even the announced Han Solo solo film. It’s something you’d read in comic (by Jason Aaron) or novelization form. But it’s the kind of thing that provides depth and insight into how broken such a cocky man can become.

I really hope we don’t lose Maz Kanata because I love Lupita Nyong’o and that she brought hope to the film. Her comments, her speech filled me with the feeling like my life and the lives of these characters were going to be okay. She is a positive force and I love her and I want more Lupita Nyong’o.

Captain Phasma is supposed to be a much larger part of the next two films, so I’m guessing this means she steps up her command. Maybe she takes over for General Hux. Maybe she leads a strike team with the sole mission of taking down the resistance, holding a grudge against Finn for shaming her. She seemed like a much more complex and interesting character, which was a strength of most of the cast in the new film, and I’m excited to see more about her. That she would so freely help Finn, Han and Chewie take down the shield could mean a lot of things. She could be interested in saving her own skin or maybe she had been sabotaging everything out of distrust for Hux, having fallen for Kylo Ren. There are so many possibilities with a character like her and I’m hoping she doesn’t simply take over for Bobba Fett.

Could they inject a little Grand Admiral Thrawn into her character and create a driven, unpredictable character that will consistently be a thorn in the side of our heroes?

Ol’ Captain Phasma and Finn will be at it again in 2017 (couldn’t keep the rhyme going)

I’m going to say “yes” so that when Rian Johnson and JJ Abrams read this post, they’ll know what the fans want. Kaythanksbye.

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