100 days of memories

I basically always feel like I want to write more things publicly. Last year, I set a goal to publish 52 posts — averaging one a week. I did mostly well, and was publishing at a good cadence. I didn’t publish 52 posts, but I published far more than I would have had I not set that aggressive number. Which is a funny thing I’ve noticed about myself. Sometimes I’m not quite sure if I’m working too hard or not hard enough. Do I really not have time to write (which is what I tell myself, especially with the two kids), or is it that I have time to write every day if I commit to it, I just haven’t committed to it?

Anyways, I saw that The 100 Day Project is kicking off tomorrow, so why not? Memories and stories seem like a good way to reflect on the past and also just write. Don’t judge me too much if I don’t keep up or drop out.