Varsano’s [67/100]

My now-husband and I dated for two weeks in NYC before he moved out to California, and I went back to school to finish my last year of college. We spent a lot of time together those two weeks. One afternoon, we walked by a chocolate shop and decided to go in. The little shop had the best square truffles — delicious squares of hazelnut-y melt-in-your-mouth goodness.

When we visited the East Coast, and found ourselves in New York, we would swing by and buy more square truffles for me, and chocolate-covered pretzels for him. The owner Marc remembered us, and we became Facebook friends; when we visited he would ask how California was, and comment on the app I used to work on .

A few years after our initial visit, it was February 14th and we were settling into our tent after a long hike and a dinner of instant noodles, when Tyler pulled out a large box with “Varsano’s Chocolates” across the top. I opened it — it was filled with square truffles, and something else squarish in the middle — a ring box.

First I said yes. And then I asked where the square truffles went that had been displaced by the ring box.

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