Choose Your Pain

I’ve just seen a new episode of Star Trek Discovery, titled Choose Your Pain. No worries, in respect to fans I will not write about spoilers (or even the show for that matter), I’m just borrowing the title.

The title reminded me of something that defines our life most profoundly. It defines our quest to meaning, to our calling, our passion or whatever do you want to call it. It reminded me that when we are on our way to something we believe in, we are bound to meet some resistance on that path. We will have to fight through various obstacles on that path, whether the obstacles are people who want to obstruct our success, there can be our physical limitations or the might be bureaucracy that puts limitations to the completion of a project.

Every choice has the potential to be the right choice.

Choosing our pain for me means at least two things:

  1. When we choose our path, we automatically choose some obstacles with it, whether we know them at the time of making a choice not. As Oracle in The Matrix Reloaded says to Neo: “You’ve already made the choice, now you have to understand it.”
  2. Making a choice requires courage. Bigger and bolder choices need more guts, they contain higher risks and of course, higher rewards. Bigger choices require bigger courage, because the pain just might be a hell lot more painful.

Making a choice is sometimes hard. Probably even among the hardest things we are faced with in our lives. I also believe that every choice in that moment has the potential to be the right choice, because we made it with all our knowledge and experience. I believe that most of our wrong choices are wrong because we make them in fear. When we believe in ourselves and in what we do, our choices become more informed and better. And right.

Even the wrong choices can be seen as right after a while, because they bring us where we are, more wise and perhaps, ready for the next big choice.
And choosing your pain? Well, are you willing to take risks? Are you willing to suffer business loses, even health or more? What kind of pain are you willing to suffer on your path to success? What are your choices? What pain do you choose?

This is post number 24 on my journey of 100 Days of Writing Challenge.