Do you know your Questions?

We know how to get to the Moon, we know how to be creative, entrepreneurial, we know how to invent, assemble planes and so on…

We are able to answer most the “How” questions in the world. Or we find the ways to How.

But we don’t know the Why’s. We don’t know What do we really want. We don’t know Why do we want to be rich, or successful. We even don’t know what do we want to be remembered by when we die.

Those are the hardest questions of life. It’s easy to say we want new car to get faster where we are going. But to know the deepest answers, we must take a step back, reflect on our life and take into perspective our whole life.

Before it’s too late and we’re full of regrets.

This post is part 5. of my 100 Days of Writing Challenge.