What is real?

I’ve spent a better half of my afternoon outside, working on tasks around the house. Sun was shining in this middle of October and I was a happy camper in my t-shirt. I was stacking the firewood, putting together a big wooden lid for the compost and preparing surroundings of the house for rainy November and after.

At the end of the day, I could see all the stacked wood, I could use the lid and the surroundings were nice to look at. Even our neighbor praised my efforts. After work I had a beer and ate a delicious dinner. A long shower for physical and soul cleansing.

And here I am. Behind my computer again. Anything I was working on outside today is well seen and I can be proud of all the work for weeks and months to come. Anything done on the computer goes away every time I turn off the computer. Sure, it’s there, on the internet forever, but is it real?

Is anything that we cannot touch, smell or taste even real?

This is post number 27 on my journey of 100 Days of Writing Challenge.