Working on yourself, again.

You know all those issues you’re having, all the bad emotional times, all the fuck ups you did because you were afraid to put your heart out?

Don’t tell your parents, but it’s theirs fault. :) Or better yet, tell them somehow. ;) If telling them is not an option, at least accept that a lot of your emotional and mental habits you picked up were imprinted on your personality through your upbringing. Most of the baggage you claimed before school years, from then on, your life started to shape in social way. In good and in bad. Till adulthood does you apart.

I look at (my) teen years as an attempts to escape those habitual patterns inherited from parents. Subconsciously of course. On the outside with anger and all those “bad boy/girl” ways, superegos-developing stages.

Ah, the beauty of adulthood. Working on ourselves, while sailing through approval of society, friends telling us to grow up, when we passionately pursue what we like, want, need and love. Fuck them. Love yourself. Work on yourself. Improve yourself, then go on improving the world around you. Be your best self. And when you fail, try again. And again. Be. Peace.

Working on myself through writing and this is day 29 on my journey of 100 Days of Writing Challenge.