Startup to Market: Touch Someone

This morning I had coffee with Darren, one of the founders of I’m a user (and huge fan) of his startup and he’s a user (soon to be huge fan) of mine. We were meeting to each share ideas and feedback.

Barely seated, Darren pulled out a stack of colored papers with little notes taped to them. He explained, “Every time someone signs up for Workfrom, I send them a personal email. I do a little bit of checking online to see who they are and get to know them from a cursory level. That helps me connect in an authentic way. I simply thank them for being users, ask them to recommend us to two friends and invite them to reach out with any questions or feedback.” He went on, “It’s been awesome and has become one of my favorite things to do. The comments that I get back are what fuel me and keep me going. Instead of letting those comments live (and die) in the email ether, we wanted to share them so they could encourage the rest of the team too. So last night one of our teammembers formatted and printed out all of the comments and put them on these sticky notes.”

Immediately, I thought about Cardsmith and ways that our team could connect and make personal connections with our users. At some point it might become a large task too difficult and time consuming, but that isn’t the case right now. If ever my users can feel like they’re part of something special, like they’re valued, like we care (all of which are absolutely true), then we need to be telling them.

It reminded me of the pictures I see Ryan from Product Hunt constantly sharing of their users who have gotten mail from them. It’s usually as simple as a handwritten card and some stickers. But it’s unique and important enough that the recipients are constantly posting pictures.

What have you done today to make your users/customers/anyone/everyone feel special and appreciated? 4/100