Django Core | A Reference Guide to Core Django Concepts [Udemy Free Coupon — 100% Off]

Udemy - Django Core | A Reference Guide to Core Django Concepts

Discount — $195 Free (100% Off)

  • Lectures — 136
  • Length — 16.5 hours
  • Skill Level — Intermediate Level
  • Languages — English
  • Published — 10/2016
  • Udemy Coupon Code : CFENOV2016

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What Will I Learn?

Django Models

Model Instance Methods & Properties

Model-level field validation

Django Forms and Formsets

Form validation

Model Form

Function Based Views (FBVs)

Class Based Views (CBVs)

CRUD in Django Views (Create Retrieve Update Delete List)

Django Templates

Django translation

Deploying Django on a Live Server| Heroku, Webfaction, Linode, Digital Ocean

Celery + Redis for asynchronous tasks and scheduled tasks

and much more!

Requirements are Python 2.7 or 3.3 and Django 1.8 & up

We use Python 3 and Django 1.10 in this one

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