Kotlin from the beginning to pro and intro to GUI [Udemy Free Course]

Udemy — Kotlin from the beginning to pro and intro to GUI

Discount — Free

  • Lectures — 54
  • Length — 6 hours
  • Skill Levels — All Levels
  • Languages — English
  • Published — 7/2017

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What Will I Learn?

  • learn basics syntax of kotlin
  • How to interact with user and make input output
  • How to deal with files read and write in files
  • How to using java techniques like java swing and javaFX
  • learn about decision making with if and when loops in kotlin like for loop and while
  • learn OOP and treat with classes ,interfaces and properties and access modifier of property
  • How to treat with strings
  • How to make serialization and deserializaton
  • how to use parallel programming using thread class and another way
  • learn abour operator overloading with class

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