Sales Psychology: Boost Sales With Psychological Hacks [Udemy Free Coupon — 100% Off]

Udemy — Sales Psychology: Boost Sales With Psychological Hacks

Discount — $200 Free 100% Off

  • Lectures — 34
  • Length — 3 hours
  • Skill Levels — All Levels
  • Languages — English
  • Published — 7/2017

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What Will I Learn?

  • You will learn to use effective psychological effects in sales, branding and marketing to increase your customer’s engagement with your brand
  • You will understand how to quickly grow your personal brand or company in the short, middle and long term by applying psychological marketing hacks taught in this course
  • You will understand how to set prices so that you can with a high certainty forecast which buying decision the customer will be making
  • Additionally, you will know how to implement dozens of psychological hacks in your existing business in order to create more upside and generate more sales for your business from all over the world fairly quickly
  • Furthermore, you will know how to succeed in traditional marketing (flyers, posters, banners etc.) and Social media marketing (posts and videos) through sales psychology
  • You will become an expert in the field of color branding; You will exactly know how to use color branding for your personal brand, company and single product
  • You will be capable of influencing your customer’s buying decisions by influencing their feelings
  • You will know how to apply the baader meinhof phenomenon, verbatim effect, decoy effect and many more psychological sales hacks in your business
  • and much more!

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